Our Clients – Our Best Reference. 
It has been our pleasure to work with so many great people, from designers to contractors to homeowners alike.  We thank them for giving us so many exciting and challenging projects.  The satisfaction they have, along with the smiles on their faces is an additional reward.  Please find out what some of them had to say below.

"We wanted to let you know how happy we are with the way our home looks and feels now that all of the rooms have been finished.

Our home feels much warmer and more comfortable and turned out even better than we had expected (and, getting all the compliments from friends and family is nice, too!). We love that each room has its own unique texture and feel and yet there is a smooth transition in colors, pattern and feeling from one room to the next.

We were very pleased with the entire process, starting with a creative exchange of ideas between you and Jessica on how to approach each room. Considering how big this project was (having most of the house done at one time, and even adding some rooms along the way), you were still able to meet the schedule promised so we had the house looking great for the big graduation party for our daughter.

We especially appreciated your attention to detail and that you and Jessica listen well to understand what we were trying to accomplish.

Thanks again!!"

Maureen and Jim Elitzak,
Westford, MA

"Paul Schroeder of Final Touch is a true master at his craft. Not only is every wall he completes a masterpiece but attention to detail and eye for perfection is second to none. Even when the customer is happy with his work, he does not stop but instead continues tirelessly to achieve perfection. Only when Paul is satisfied that he's done his best and the customer is overjoyed with the results is he truly finished. The only complaint that I have is that when you hire him to do one wall, you end up having him paint all the walls in your house. His work is addictive and I am always astonished how each wall is different but equally beautiful. Anyone can put paint on a wall but Paul Schroeder is an artist who turns every wall into a masterpiece. From now on Paul of Final Touch will be the only person allowed to touch my walls. Thank you Paul, for helping me make my home truly beautiful."

 A truly ecstatic customer - Joyce A. Gaulin

"We were a little anxious to deviate from our comfortable, sterile, white walls. Your suggestions turned out fabulous!! The colors and textures you created added so much warmth to our home. You showed great pride in your work, and seemed to share our delight as each room took on a new character of its own. Needless to say we appreciated your professional manner, and thank you for being respectful and trustworthy with our property."

Judi and Howard Wensley ,
Canton, MA

"In my end of the paint business as store manager of Sherwin Williams 85% of my business is painting contractors. I tend to know the great ones from the not so great ones. When I first met Paul I knew right off the bat he was one of the great ones! When a painter demands to use only the best coatings along with the best applicators you know he cares about quality. Paul's work is excellent! I saw Paul's work when he taught a faux finish class for our customers. The quality and workmanship that went into his work was amazing.

In the spring of 2003 my store needed to be repainted with a faux finish and without even thinking about it I was on the phone with Paul.  My store came out excellent! In fact it came out so good that my district manager called Paul to see if he would be interested in painting some of the other stores. Paul has painted Sherwin Williams stores in Fall River, MA; Middletown, RI; and Pawtucket, RI and possibly more in the future. If you have a faux idea that you want for your home or workplace, there is only one person that you should call and that is Paul Schroeder from Final Touch Painting - a professional person for professional results!"

David Horton - The Sherwin Williams Co - Raynham, Ma


You and your guys were (as always) easy to work with and did work to be proud of. The owner is thrilled and so are we... Looking forward to the next project with you

Joe Gracco,
Modern Yankee Builders

"We are very happy that Final Touch was able to fix our great room (and the rest of the house!). After Using Final Touch Painting, we feel like we have gone from "rags to riches".

Paul's technique was far superior to the treatment we originally used on our wall. As an added bonus, Jessica offered great tips for the wall color selection in the rest of our house--at no extra cost!

We highly recommend Final Touch Painting."

Larry and Maureen Holbrook,
East Bridgewater, MA

"My wife and I would like to thank you for the wonderful job you did at our home. In this day and age it is delightful to find a tradesman who takes pride in his work. You are a true professional! Thanks again."

Belcher and Joanne Stanley,
Raynham, MA

"I first noticed Paul's incredible work at the New York Lace Bridal Salon in Taunton. The salon was so beautiful. I marveled at the workmanship and had to know who the Painter was. I called and set up a consultation with Final Touch Painting. Paul came with his lovely wife Jessica. Their portfolio was a masterpiece to see. We spent time considering what finishes to use to transform my home. Jessica has such a great flair for color coordinating and decorating. She gave me some great ideas. They work so well together.

Paul is so neat and immaculate with his work. We used three different techniques that he had in his portfolio, along with colors that we picked for my home. The house came out absolutely beautiful. Everyone marvels at the texture and finish on the walls. The color combinations were absolutely perfect! It was such a joy having Paul work in our home. I wish I had another home to decorate. I would highly recommend Final Touch Painting. They are in an elite class of decorative painters."

 Ann and Ron Ricci
Cranston, RI

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